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Admission for doctoral studies 2018/19

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Doctoral studies at the University of Warsaw help gain advanced knowledge and skills in a particular scientific/academic field. At the same time they also effectively prepare for an individual research activity and didactic work.


Doctoral studies at our University also provide an opportunity to join the most elite scientific circle in Poland, extend international cooperation and take part in innovative research programmes on a global scale.


This registration enables you to apply for doctoral studies starting in the academic year 2018/2019.


To successfully apply for doctoral studies, the first step is to create an account (an activation link shall be sent to the indicated email address), next in the Studies or Units section please choose doctoral studies you want to apply to. Near the description of studies there appears a green Sign in button if the registration is open.


The Office for Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies is responsible for the general organization of doctoral studies.


More information on doctoral studies at the UW can be found on the Office's web page.